Ode to a Taproom

I love you when you’re happy,
And your laughter fills the till.
Those nights of smiling faces,
And gestures of goodwill
Those nights that you spend dancing,
Are the nights I cherish most.
Those nights that I feel honoured,
That I’m paid to be your host

Those days when your warm belly,
Defeats the cold outside
Those days that you sell sanctuary,
To those that seek a hide
You proffer seats for the weary,
And a ring for the clown.
You offer peace to the troubled,
And a shoulder for the down.

You’re here for the many,
And there for the few,
A room for the all,
And all with a view.
Yet you’re more than a room,
More than four walls,
You’re a theatre for the sick,
And a breaker of falls.

But sometimes you fail me,
Sometimes you make me sad,
When the aggression takes over,
And you forget what we had.
Those nights that you scare me,
When your smiles become stares.
When you shout and you push,
And your violence flares.

Those days when you’re distant,
When you’re empty and still.
Those days I feel alone,
With no empty to fill.
Those days that test the limit,
Of a landlord’s soul and mind
Those days that offer nothing,
But the routine and the grind

Yet ever I forgive you,
For you are my butter and my bread.
You’re where I work, where I live;
You’re where they’ll find me dead.
A landlord I am
And a landlord I’ll be,
Others come and go,
But it’s forever you and me.